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Sharing borders with Vietnam, China, Myanmar, Thailand and Cambodia, Laos is a country where you can still experience traditional Southeast Asian life at its best. Laos is a slowly awakening land dominated by the mighty Mekong River, framed by rugged tall mountains, with monsoon forests, gorgeous waterfalls, underground river caves and populated with friendly people whose lives are devoted to Buddhism. Everywhere you find monks in their brightly coloured saffron robes and the country is dotted with gilded Buddhist temples. You can still see some of the French influence from its colonial days, but many places are still almost virgin territory and worth exploring. It also boasts a fabulous local cuisine. In short, Laos is a real treat to visit.

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  Phoenix Voyages DMC: An experienced DMC in Laos - years of experience make sure you get the best possible program for your group.  We also have an office in Siem Reap, Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand and Bali.

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Currency Kip
Language Lao
Local time GMT (London) + 7.00hours
Public holidays Public holidays in Laos link
Climate in Laos Weather in Laos link
Passport and visa Passport and visa information Laos link


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